fillingIf a dental examination and x-rays confirm that you need fillings, it’s important to schedule an appointment immediately, to prevent an infection that could damage the nerves in your teeth.

At Chrisp Street Dental Centre we offer various types of Tooth-coloured fillings including:

Composite Tooth-coloured (White fillings)  are touthcoloured resins  which are bonded to your tooth. These restorations are aesthetically pleasing because they blend in naturally with your own teeth, whilst also providing direct support to weakened tooth structures.

Ceramic Tooth-coloured (White fillings) also called inlays and onlays, are typically used to treat larger cavities. Natural in appearance, these restorations preserve more of your natural tooth than full crowns.

Traditional amalgam metal fillings are also available as an option.

Tooth-coloured (White) dental fillings have the advantage of being completely mercury free. They are far more aesthetically acceptable as they can be matched to your individual tooth colour. White filling material binds to tooth tissue far more quickly than Amalgam so has less chance of becoming unstable and breaking apart shortly after placement. Due to the nature of the binding process of white fillings to tooth tissue, your dentist can preserve far more of your own natural tooth surface than with Amalgam fillings.