dental bridgeBridges can be supported by natural teeth or by implants. At Chrisp Street Dental Centre we will check the health of your gums and the remaining teeth to ensure that they are suitable for use in bridge treatment and, take appropriate measures if they are not. We will discuss all your options with you to ensure that you can keep your mouth healthy and your smile stunning with a well-fitting and natural looking bridge.

Advantages of having a dental bridge:

Generally speaking, the main advantages of having a dental bridge are:

Great looks (aesthetics)

In a traditional fixed bridge, not only can you fill the space of the missing tooth, you can improve the colour and the shape of the teeth that you are crowning either side of the space being bridged.

Porcelain looks great, matches the natural teeth exceptionally well and is very resistant to staining.

Not removable. A bridge is fixed in your mouth – you don’t have to worry about taking it out to clean it like a denture.

Protective. If the teeth either side are heavily filled or broken down then by crowning these teeth as part of the bridge you are actually helping to strengthen them and replace your missing tooth at the same time.

Long lasting. Studies have shown that fixed bridgework, like individual crowns, is very predictable, durable and lasts a considerable length of time.

Relatively quick. A bridge in general takes only a little longer than a single crown and once the decision to make a bridge has been made, it generally takes two appointments from start to finish.